ParkFinder WA App

ParkFinder WA App - Find the parks nearest you when visiting Western Australia with the activities you want to do and facilities available.

This application provides most up to date information from Department of Parks and Wildlife’s database.

No internet connection is required to use this application once downloaded into your device. It checks for data updates

to make sure it is providing most current information about our parks to the visitors.

Core functionality -
- Find Park near your current location (only for Western Australia)
- Keyword searching with auto complete
- Search parks for regions, activities, facilities and other amenities
- Find park where you can take dogs and/or drinking water is available
- Add parks and sites to your favourite which syncs back to the Explore Parks website (Internet connection required)
- Share parks and sites information using Email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
- Review parks and contact park directly from the app

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