Perth International Arts Festival 2015

Perth International Arts Festival 2015

We hope that everyone had a safe, joyous holiday & a wonderful start to 2015! With only just over a month to go until the 2015 Perth International Arts Festival. The festival started decades ago in 1953, now Perth International Arts Festival is one of the oldest international festivals in Australia, showcasing its cultural heritage.

$22.4 million Festival has big names in theatre, opera, circus, dance, music, film, visual arts and literature, offering unforgettable experiences both epic & intimate.

Before briefing to the Perth Festival let’s take a look at the limelight to the Perth Festival.

This year the festival is running from 13th Feb- 7th March 2015.

I am here to share with you some of  the activities that are vying for your attention in Perth International Festival 2015, is presenting a stellar line up with MADAMA BUTTERFLY, MOZART DANCES,  BEYOND, THE RABBITS, BLACK DIGGERS & LONDON GRAMMAR are just the beginning. It’s a very special event this year as most of the performances will be unique one of a kind since these will be their maiden performances for the very first time In Australia.

Festival Highlights…….

The opening act of the festival expects a million people to line the streets in the CBD over three days to see French company Royal de Luxe pull the strings on the giant Little Girl and Deep-sea Diver as they enact a story inspired by World War I troops leaving Albany

This $5.4 million spectacle, is the biggest event in the Festival’s 63 years and it is FREE!

MADAMA BUTTERFLY – An Australian exclusive season from the English National Opera and New York Metropolitan Opera “MADAMA BUTTERFLY” will be performed at His Majesty’s Theatre, from February 27th to March 6th.

BALLET – The outdoors beckon at the evergreen Ballet at the Quarry, This is a magical setting, seating on the grassed tiered slope everyone has perfect vision, surrounded by the Aussie Bush and it’s in the City. No driving hours to the country.

MOZART DANCE – Get ready a masterpiece of work, nothing short of an astonishing dance performance that Mark Morris Group is bringing live to you.

BEYOND – Gleefully received by audiences in other parts of the world. An extraordinary experience, not just a spectacular circus but also a blend of art, recreation, light & remarkable skills that will take your breath away for the whole performance.

THE RABBITS – This will premiere the long-awaited adaptation of John & Shaun’s book of the same name depicting essence of culture, environment, society & humanity.

BLACK DIGGERS- With a lightness of touch & an Aussie-larrikin attitude, through the narrative play the event mesmerizes the honour & sacrifice of the War Heroes wholaid down their lives for their nation.

LONDON GRAMMAR- Get ready for one of the most populous enchanting acts.

With the likes of ‘Dreams’, ‘You’re The Best’.  The team of London Grammar is set to rock you as it has been doing through the years.

“I hope now you are excited to experience world class culture only a short plane trip away in Perth. The Festival starts 13th Feb and goes through to march 7th.

Tickets sell out rapidly! Don’t delay!

Enjoy all Perth has to offer and fill up on a dose of culture at the same time.

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